Effective 1st. August 2014, copy, duplicate and distribute of any photo from this website has been granted to anybody without any fee and is subject to the Terms & Conditions as follow:

1) Applicable for online publications such as Webpages, Blogs and Social Medias. Prior written permission is required for publication on CDs, VCDs, DVDs, Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Posters, Clothes and any other printed media or material.

2) Strictly use for information sharing and educational purposes only.

3) No commercial uses. No financial benefit whatsoever whether direct or indirectly. You have no right to sell, rent, sub-licensing or use the photo as part of an advertisement, promotion or other business purposes.

4) No modification allowed. Any alteration to the photo including formating, retouching, resizeing, changing file type, adding or removing text/graphic is strictly prohibited. Changing the file name is highly recommended.

5) No watermark can be removed. Original photos without watermark can be obtained upon request and is subject to a small license's fee.

6) Credit to the owner of the photos which is "Wady of Uniaga Aviary" and the domain name "www.uniaga.com" must be displayed on your page.

7) A clickable link-back url must be attached to each photo and must be linked back to the titled page where it is belong to.

8) Page with "no-follow" attribute is not permitted to display the copied photos. The photo and it's link must be indexed and searchable by all search engines.

9) Photos must be copied and installed on your server or a server/web service controlled under your account. Pointing the photo directly from our website or server, on the other hand stealing our bandwidth is not permitted.

10) You have to submit the webpage url of your website where the copied photo will be placed on. Submission can be done through a feedback form available on the Contact Us page. Permission will be denied if the mentioned url is not submitted and received by us.

11) This permission is applicable for posted photos containing a "Uniaga" watermark only and not applicable for the text contents of our website whether part or whole, nor logos, headers, icons or third party copyrighted properties.

12) We reserve the rights to terminate this permission at any time with or without prior notice and without given any reason whatsoever. In the event of such action happen, you must remove and delete the copied photo(s) from your webpage and database server immediately.

13) We reserve the rights to amend this Terms & Conditions at anytime without prior notice.

14) Permission will be void if you failed to fulfill any of the rules above.


If you are in doubt, please contact us immediately and address your question. Thank you.

#Updated on 12th. August 2015.

© Uniaga Aviary. All rights reserved. Copy, duplicate, reproduction, republish and distribute of this Permission whether part or whole, with or without modification and without our prior written concern is strictly prohibited. License is available upon request. Contact us for more information.