At Uniaga.com, we do respect the privacy of our visitors. This privacy policy will explain how we collect and use personal information of our visitors.


Personally Identifiable Information
We may collect certain information about some of our users who may try to contact us for whatever purpose by asking their name, phone number, e-mail address, location and any other relevant information in order to identify the user. We may also request a user to use their public profile when submitting a comment on our website. Some of these personal information may considered as confidential or sensitive unless it's already publicly available on other website or somewhere else. The accessible information contained on your public profile is not considered as confidential or a sensitive data.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information
This type of information is usually contains user's IP address, name of Internet Service Provider (ISP), type of browser, type of device & it's operating system, date & time stamp, webpage visited, referral site, number of clicks, number of visitors, location or any other technical information related to the website and user's behavior.


User's personal information are manually provided by the users based on our request and collected through face to face, traditional mail, E-mail, website forms, voice call, text messaging (SMS & Chat services) and any other communication methods.

The non-personally identifiable information are automatically collected using a computerise technology. There are several type of computerise technologies exist and might be used on this website to gather such information. Most of the technologies are provided and used by third parties including our platform Service Provider (Google Inc.), advertisers, domain administrators and it's resellers, affiliate managers or any other authorised business partners. In facts, Uniaga Aviary itself does not have or own any computerised program to obtain users information on this website. The mentioned third parties may share the gathered information with Uniaga Aviary in order to help us serve the contents of this website persistantly.

The following is some of computerise technologies that third parties may use on this website.
  • Server Log
    Log files are used by most of web hosting providers, platform service providers and servers plant providers to assist their customers by providing technical information about customer's website. These log files may contains non-personally identifiable information as mentioned above.

  • Cookie
    Cookie is a small file containing a string of characters that is sent to your computer or device when you visit a website. It is used to remember and recognize your identity such as your username, your browser or any other technical information. It is widely use by membership based websites, bankings, e-commerce etc. This cookie may be used as part of security, serve ads or any other purpose. Cookie is installed on your device's hard drive in connection with your browser. There are two types of cookie, one is a session cookie which is automatically deleted when you close your browser and the other one is a persistent cookie which may remains in your hard drive until their expiry date or whenever you remove it.

    This website may use cookies provided by our platform Service Provider, advertisers or any other third parties under our permission or concern. We may also participate in Google Adsense program to promote their ads. Google may also use a Double Clicks cookie in order to serve and improve their ads on our website. These cookies are fully controlled by their respective owners. For more information on how Google use the information gathered by their cookies, visit http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html. Google may also offers an option to opt-out from the use of their Double Clicks cookie on your browser. If you wish to use this feature, visit http://www.google.com/ads/preferences.

    You may also use this website without accepting cookies by turning off the cookie function available inside your browser. Advanced users may use a certain firewall application to block these cookies. However, certain features of this website may not be available or function properly.

  • Web Beacon/Pixel Tag, JavaScript Tag
    Web beacon is a another name for a pixel tag which is consisted of a short code in the form of a transparent image usually 1x1 pixel in size and similar to JavaScript tag which is implemented in JavaScript language. These technologies are commonly used and attached in a body section of e-mails and webpages. It is usually used to notify a sender of e-mail whether the e-mail has been read or not. In the case of webpage, it may able to counts how many time the webpage is viewed or how many people are currently visiting that page etc.

  • Anonymous identifier
    An anonymous identifier is a random string of characters that is used for the same purposes as a cookie. This type of technology is usually used when the cookie technology is not available such as on a certain mobile device.

Personal information of our users are needed in order to satisfy the identity of the user is genuine and the intention of contacting or dealing with us is in a good faith condition. Other than that, we also need those information for the purpose of communication and to create a better relationship between us and our users. The information gathered from computerise technologies are very important to us and it will help us on how to enhance our services, create better contents of this website, analyze the trends and administer the site.


We keep the information of our users for our own uses only. These information are used for the purpose of interaction with our users such as when we try to contact you, reply your messages, sending an e-mail, approve your comments, deliver your purchased items, refund your payment and other things that relevant to you. We do not sell or rent our user's information to anyone. However, we may share some of the information to authorised third parties that are relevant to you, for example when you make a purchase on our product and request for a delivery, we will share your name, address and phone number to any courier agent or transporter.


Sharing a user's personal information without a user concern is not our policy. However, we may share our user's personal information to anyone privately and/or publicly under the following circumtances:
  • Whenever you break any rules contained in the Terms of Use, Permissions, Policies or any other rules published on this website including but not limited to copyright infringment of our properties or third parties.
  • Whenever we lodge a police report or issue a summon againts you pertaining to the misuse of our services or any other relevant motive.
  • Whenever we need to defend us from any legal action caused by the user.
  • Whenever requested by the authorities.
  • Whenever requested by our Service Provider. This may only apply to the spammers or anyone who is suspiciously misuse the service of this website provided by the said Service Provider.
We may also share the aggregated statistic of non-personally identifiable information with anyone for example a potential advertiser, business partners or make it publicly available on our websites such as a number of visitors, page views, top posts and any other related information.
Since this website is hosted on Blogger platform owned by Google Inc., the mentioned platform Service Provider may make use of those technologies and share the information with us and possibly with any other authorised third parties including their business associates or affiliates and may also with certain authorities if required. For more information about their privacy policy, visit http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.


By using this website, you are already concern about your information data provided by you or automatically gathered by any computerised technologies used on this website and further acknowledge on how the information data is used including by the third parties.


We may change this Privacy Policy at anytime without prior notice. As such, we urges you to read this Privacy Policy from time to time before using this website.

If you are in doubt, please contact us immediately and address your question. You may also report to us if you have found any suspicious cookies or similar technologies derived from this website. Thank you.
#Updated on 11th. July 2015.

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